Blacula Reboot Is In Development At MGM

Even Blacula is ready to enjoy a post-pandemic world with a reboot set to take place in a modern city after the events of the original film.

Even Blacula is ready to enjoy a post-pandemic world as a reboot of the classic horror has been announced. The original 1972 film and its sequel, Scream Blacula Scream, centered around an 18th-century African prince named Mamuwalde who was turned into a vampire by Count Dracula. Though the films were met with mixed reviews upon release, they inspired a wave of blaxploitation-themed horror films in subsequent years.

Now, according to Variety, Blacula has risen thanks to MGM, Bron and Hidden Empire Film Group. The modern reimagining of the original film will take place after the events of the original film and Scream Blacula Scream, in a post-Coronavirus modern city. A synopsis of Blacula can be read below.

Blacula is an ancient African prince who is cursed by Dracula after he fails to agree to end the slave trade. Blacula is entombed and awakens 200 years later ready to avenge the death of his ancestors and of those responsible for robbing his people of their work, culture and heritage as they appropriated it for profit.

Deon Taylor, founder of Hidden Empire Film Group, is set to direct Blacula, saying he hopes to change the way people appreciate the franchise with the reboot. In his announcement of the film, Taylor also thanked MGM for helping to bring new life to the iconic character. However, the involvement of MGM is not completely shocking, given the studio’s acquisition of the original film through its purchase of Orion Pictures.

Though it may not have the recognition that other genre films have received, the original Blacula, which starred William Marshall, was one of the highest grossing films of the year in 1972. Despite a less than stellar rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear that there’s a definitive demand for the blaxploitation films that were inspired by Blacula. Still, with the reboot just having been announced, it is unclear whether the details of the new film will translate better to worldwide audiences.