Underrated Destinations in Europe To Visit

The summer is the time when Americans love to explore Europe. What Americans don’t love-however, are the crowds that surge at every major city in Europe. If you are looking for your next European trip to be less crowded and more peaceful, investigate one of these destinations. Read on to discover these seven underrated spots in Europe you should visit.
Funen is the birthplace of famed children’s author Hans Christian Andersen. This little town is located on an island called Fyn. The island is filled with gems like Egeskov Castle that must have inspired the famous fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. In Funen, you can also visit H.C. Andersen’s House and take a step back in time. Besides historical sites, there are a wide range of things to do in Funen including bridge walking, scavenger hunts, and shop at Odense market, plus much more.
Bologna is full of terracotta rooftops and the anatomy theatre, which add a unique element of culture to this academic city. See and explore the beautiful Basilica of the Madonna di San Luca on the hilltop beyond the city walls. While in this glorious city don’t forget to sample that famous Bolognese cuisine, especially the sauce. Osteria 3 Leoni offers fine northern Italian cuisine with vegetarian and gluten free options.
Split is the second largest city in Croatia, but somehow this coastal gem is underrated. This city has an eclectic mix of ancient history with contemporary life. In Split, you can explore Diocletian’s Palace, which dates to 305 AD and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a stroll in Old Town’s cobblestone streets to People’s Square, right in the heart of Old Town. In the square, there are number of restaurants and cafes for enjoyment. At Ciri Biri Bela, you will dine on amazing Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine.
This city located in the center of the Alps is much more than a ski destination. Innsbruck is an idyllic city with a rich history. The highlights of Innsbruck are the Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace, and the Court Church. While in the city you can hike and explore the nearby Nordkette mountain range, or just enjoy their view from the city. Active people will love biking or walking the city’s many trails, swimming, horseback riding and golf, plus much more.
A one hour flight from Athens will get you to the country’s ‘second city’ Thessaloniki. For history buffs, the city has several ruins from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras to explore. Thessaloniki highlights are the White Tower, the Roman Forum, and the charming cobblestone streets of the historic quarter Ano Poli. After a day of exploration, head over to Valaoritou Street for a tasty cocktail at The Happy Pub or Dentro Sto Bar. The city is also a popular spot for locals as the beaches are less crowded than on the Greek Islands.
Sardinia is 1,200 miles of stunning coastline that blends from beaches into mountains. The rugged landscape is dotted with thousands of nuraghe- Bronze Age stone ruins that are shaped like beehives. Besides spectacular beaches, visitors can play golf, go horseback riding, scuba diving and hike the trails. Sardinia also has its own cuisine with a local highlights being the savory porreddu, a grilled suckling pig, and Carloforte tuna fish.
This capital of Serbia has become quite the party spot for younger travelers. This is due to the large array of bars and restaurants in the city. Dining highlights include Babaroga Steakhouse and the Riddle Bar. In Belgrade, you can float on a splavovi, a floating lounge that is anchored along the Danube and Sava Rivers. For a history lesson, be sure to visit Beogradska Tvrdava, the fortress that represented the city’s part in the Austrian, Ottoman, Serbian, Byzantine, and Roman empires.