Top things to Do in Sayulita

If you’re looking for an exciting destination in Mexico to indulge your senses, the small town of Sayulita might be for you. The lovely small village is home to just over 2,000 people. Still, its unique location, 22 miles northwest of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and with the most splendid view of the Pacific Ocean, the town is one of the hottest destinations in the country.
Sayulita is a paradise for surfers, but the food scene and the lively nightlife guarantees there’s something for everyone. Here are the top things to do in Sayulita.
Sayulita’s rolling waves are perfect for practicing surfing, offering the ideal stage for amateurs to hone their wave-surfing skills and a challenge for professionals. You don’t even need to bring your gear; you can rent a surfing board and take a lesson at many locally-owned surfing schools. And although you don’t have to leave Sayulita to find the perfect wave, other beaches north and south of the small town are popular with surfers as well, including Los Muertos Beach, San Pancho Beach, and Playa Escondida.
Sayulita has grown to cater to the palate of international visitors of all backgrounds, so there’s much to taste in the many small eateries, beach bars, and formal restaurants. There’s a place to grab a bite in every corner, literally. The nicest thing about eating out in Sayulita is that there’s truly something for everyone. Traditional Mexican food abound, but there are also plenty of organic and vegan alternatives — eating healthy in this Mexican town is easy. There are lots of pizza spots and burger joints, too, so don’t worry, you won’t go hungry. And don’t get us started with the local seafood.
Sayulita is the closest thing to a bohemian, hippie town on the Mexican Pacific coast; the vibe here is relaxed and laid back, and the shops reflect that free spirit as well. Lovely boutiques focusing on organic clothes, arts, crafts, galleries, and bohemian-chic fashion make shopping around town a stimulating experience. From trinkets to the hottest beach fashion, Sayulita is worth walking around with a few shopping bags in hand. Prices in Sayulita are also fairly reasonable, so you can shop all day long without burning a hole in your pocket.
The only thing better than surfing all morning on Sayulita’s beautiful beaches is relaxing afterward in a world-class spa. Having fun and exercising is as important as finding time to clear your mind. Wellness and fitness are one with Sayulita. Relaxing is easy in such a paradise, and there are plenty of activities to unwind. Yoga on the beach, meditation, walks along the palm trees, you name it. If you’re looking for a place to relax and find balance, Sayulita is perfect for you.
And although surfing and walking around downtown Sayulita are what you’ll mostly be doing during the day, at night, Sayulita shows its wild side. The night scene in the coastal town is thrilling, with bars and beach nightclubs open for everyone. Colorful cocktails and cold beer abound, and Latin music meets international hits for a night everyone can enjoy. From going bar crawling enjoying all types of Margaritas to dancing salsa with the locals, the nights are long in Sayulita, and they’re tons of fun!
Sayulita is full of activities considered as eco-tourism, which help maintain their fantastic diversity and educate tourists on the importance of these natural reserves. You can practice physical activities in the wild, such as hikes through the deep jungles, observe wildlife like jaguars, pumas, badgers, wild boars, and an unbelievable variety of beautiful birds. You can watch the majestic humpback whales from January to March, or maybe take part in one of the turtle camps where you can enjoy the Baby Sea Turtle releases that take place between June and November. Also, there is snorkeling, diving, zip lines, horseback rides, and ATV tours through the jungle. All of this is offered at the retreats all over Sayulita, a few miles away from the beach.