Secluded Beaches in the U.S.

One of the most secluded beaches in America is the beach at Rogue Bluffs State Park in Maine. Here you can spend a glorious day on the beach, picnic with a view of Englishman Bay, or enjoy the children’s play areas. The park also has several hiking trails that provide different viewpoints of the stunning landscape and wildlife. Orient Beach State Park is an oasis from the other packed Long Island and New York City beaches. This small beach in North Fork is the perfect daytime retreat. Besides the beach, you can also bike, hike, or kayak here. The park is also equipped with several facilities including showers, grills, and playgrounds.
The mighty Lake Michigan is so massive that it is impossible to see the other side of the lake shore. South Manitou Island is located on Lake Michigan and the island is only accessible by ferries. The island offers beautiful sandy beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Besides the beach, on the island visitors can also hike the sand dunes, take a wagon tour, or explore a ghost town. Be sure to explore the grounds of and capture the gorgeous lighthouse on film during your stay.
One of the least visited national parks in America is Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida. This amazing park is less than one percent of dry ground. This makes this location one of the best places to dive, swim, snorkel, and view marine life. The beach is only accessible by boat or plane, which makes the seclusion worth all the trouble. Besides the beach, the park also has fishing, boating, paddleboats, and camping facilities.
Bring your SUV and drive over the dunes to Carova Beach, North Carolina. This area is known for its privacy and clean, white beaches. There are a few rental homes here and there, except for that, you will feel as if you are the only people around. While here, you will be astonished when you see the wild mustangs that roam freely along the beach and ocean, and even into the town’s small residential neighborhoods.
Cumberland Island is 18 miles of pure, pristine coastline. While you sit on the sand, you can watch wild horses roaming about. The beach is part of Cumberland Island National Seashore and additional outdoor recreational activities are available. After beach time, you can explore old Spanish mission ruins and 19th century homes.
A hike through the marvelous northern California redwood trees will bring you to Enderts Beach. At this peaceful secluded spot, you can swim in the tide pool and take in the awesome views. You can also enjoy all the attractions of Redwood National Park before or after your beach adventure.
Hawaii is the place for stunning beaches. At Pa’ako Cove on Maui, you get the best of everything-a quiet, lush tropical beach without the usual Hawaii beach crowds. Pa’ako Cove is also listed as one of the ten best hiking areas in Maui. To find this beach, you need to walk through a lava rock wall located in a residential area. This spot is also a very popular destination for that quintessential Hawaii beach wedding.